How many contracts have you worked and yet hardly met another traveler? If you ever wanted to find other travelers interested in traveling to similar destinations or find potential roommates/friends/soulmates this is the perfect venue. Many of the regular conference attendees consider it to be the ultimate traveler reunion.

There are lots of organized opportunities connecting travelers with travelers.  The Traveler’s Conference organizes Official Events including the Newbie BootCamp Reception and the famous AfterParty. There are also other travelers, traveler groups and sponsors that organize their own social events which are listed under ‘Independent Events’ as we are made aware of them.



Facebook Groups Dedicated to TravCon Attendees:

Travelers are working hard to organize fun mini events before, during and after the conference. Here are some sites that are dedicated to those helping to create the magic of the conference. Jump in and join them! If anyone would like us to post specific events or websites for community gatherings, please email us.

The Official TravCon Group

The official Facebook group page for TravCon. Updates, photo sharing, events and everything TravCon-related gets posted here. This is a public group page.

TravCon ~ Our Gypsy Family Caravan

A place to talk about the upcoming Travelers Conference in Vegas for 2017. Share some of this years photos and a place to share next years photos as well. Our Gypsy Family Caravan and The Gypsy Life will be posting next years events here to make it easier to find and RSVP too. Need a roommate, have questions about next years conference, or just want help in planning for next year, here’s the place to do it.

TravCon: The Travel Healthcare Conference Network

“Welcome to TravelCon – The Travel Conference Network… Your one-stop-shop for all traveling healthcare professionals to discuss all things conference related as well as form meet ups surrounding the travel nurse conferences. Make yourself at home and have a blast!”

2017 Unofficial and Off the Grid

Hey travelers and recruiters, are you Planning an event or get together during Travcon 2017 and want to get the word out or find some people to join up with?? Post it here! We did this last year and it worked out great!!

Travel Therapists in Vegas

A group to connect with other Travel Therapists going to the Annual Traveler’s Conference. This group is specifically for Travel Therapists (Physical, Occupational, Speech and all the awesome Assistants).  We can coordinate events with each other, figure out shared hotel rooms and start getting to know each other before the big event!

TravCon Roommates

The Official TravCon Roommate Fb page that helps TravCon attendees find roommates for the upcoming Travelers Conference. Sharing a room can really help manage costs and be a fun way to meet other travelers! This is a private group for TravCon attendees only.

Current Unofficial Events Planned by Travelers:

These are the unofficial events not connected to the conference. We can no longer do mass invites for all members, but know that everyone is invited to every event. Please contact the host for more info. For clarification – “Hosted By” means that someone is organizing the event, you must pay for everything yourself.

Thu 9-14 1930 Wine Tasting Host: Katy Blythe and Becky Stauber
Fri 9-15 0730 Red Rock Canyon Tour Host: Wendy Sims
Fri 9-15 1100 3rd Annual Spa Day Host: Katy Blythe Gypsy Soul
Fri 9-15 1300 Pool Party Host: Patty Hingst
Fri 9-15 2000 4th Annual Gilleys night Host: Katy Blythe Gypsy Soul

Sat 9-16 0800 Travcon Golf Classic Host: Kay Epi Slane
Sat 9-16 0900 Tele/PCU Meet & Greet Host: Kaci Baltazar, Rebecca Esser
Sat 9-16 1000 ICU Meet & Greet Host: Patty Hingst , Megan Shaw
Sat 9-16 1200 PICU Meet & Greet Host: Dar Bell
Sat 9-16 1600 Newbie Meet & Greet Host: Katy Blythe, Tricia Novak
Sat 9-16 1830 Blue Man Group Host: Jessica Torney and Rich Smith
Sat 9-16 1930 Magic Mike Show, Host: Tracie Harris
Sat 9-16 2200 Minus 5 Bar Host: Totalmed Josh Cutchins

Sun 9-17 0915 PCU/IMCU/Stepdown Meet & Greet Host: Cathy Hilton
Sun 9-17 1500 OB Meet &Greet, Host: Jenn Sheppard Patricia Ann Carter
Sun 9-17 1500 NICU Meet & Greet Host: Katy Blythe, Tricia Novak
Sun 9-17 1500 ER Meet & Greet Host; Chelsea Alexanndra
Sun 9-17 2000 Slotzilla Zip Line Host: Christy Birchler Atlas , Angela Atlas
Sun 9-17 2000 Miss Behave Game Show Host: Lyndsey Williams

These are events in the process but not yet planned. You can attend as many events as your time allows.
Geocaching hosted by Lori Mercer
CVOR, CVICU and all things heart hosted by Lisa Fick Brumfield
OR meet and greet hosted by Susan Burg
Hookah Outing hosted by Tiffany Tryon