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The 13th Annual Travelers Conference: 'TravCon'

The Travelers Conference will be in Las Vegas, Sept 14-16th, 2020 at Bally’s Hotel, Las Vegas. The conference offers 15 hours of exhibit time over two days, with meals served both days in the Exhibit Hall.

Why Exhibit at The Travelers Conference?

This is the Superbowl for Healthcare Travelers – and branding is essential to success in this field.  TravCon is the largest, most comprehensive professional event dedicated entirely to the traveling healthcare professional.

Unlike other conferences, 95% of TravCon attendees are either current healthcare travelers or “Newbies” looking to find their next travel company. Unparalleled conversion rates are possible as everyone is interested in a healthcare traveling career. TravCon19 had over 1400 attendees.

Heavy Traffic on the Exhibit Floor

There isn’t a more effective method for an agency to enhance their reputation among travelers than to exhibit at TravCon.  During the conference, your staff will get an inside view of the issues important to travelers, & put your brand into the minds of the travelers.

No other event allows your recruiters to meet so many travelers in one place.  Our exhibitors report that they convert many contacts they make at the conference into travelers on assignment.

Strong Sponsor/Attendee Ratio

The Travelers Conference actively protects the value of our exhibitors’ investment by carefully balancing the sponsor/attendee ratio. We limit both the number of staffing exhibitors & exhibitor reps in the exhibit hall to maximize your value.

We guarantee a minimum of 10 attendees for every exhibiting staffing company, but we have exceeded that ratio every year. We typically have 14-15 attendees for every staffing company.

More qualified attendees than anywhere else

Attendees are almost exclusively RN’s (80%), followed by Allied Health (Therapists, Technicians, LPNs & SLPs).

Since our attendees are usually not reimbursed by their employers for travel or other conference expenses, the attendee rate is heavily subsidized by the exhibitor fees.

We utilize your exhibitor fees to provide an affordable venue to draw in hundreds of travelers. For that reason, we only allow qualified candidates to attend.

Eligible Exhibitors

The Travelers Conference reserves the right to determine if an organization or company will be able to exhibit. All applicants will be reviewed and will receive written notification if eligibility of exhibiting or sponsoring is approved or denied. Priority may be given to traditional staffing agencies as our primary emphasis is bringing together staffing agencies and travelers who want to work for a quality agency. At a minimum, all exhibitors must meet at least one of the following criteria:

A Traditional Staffing Agency that directly recruits, hires and employs traveling professionals on temporary assignments at client healthcare facilities where they maintain a direct contract with the actual facility or the facility’s designated VMS or MSP. The Traditional Staffing Agency must be identified as “employer” on Traveler’s W2 or listed as  “payer” on a 1099. Traditional Staffing Agencies approved to exhibit may also offer other affiliated services (such as document storage, job boards, or VMS/MSP)  to add value for their travelers, but their primary revenue stream must stem from the direct employment of healthcare travelers.

Companies who sell products or services specifically relevant to the needs of traveling healthcare professional customers. Examples include scrubs or special shoes, renter’s or malpractice insurance, multi-state tax services, financial planner services, short term accommodations, or manufacturers of products that will be used by healthcare provider.  Companies whose primary or target customers are staffing agencies or healthcare facilities, vs. traveling healthcare professionals, are not eligible to exhibit.  A customer is defined as the individual or entity that pays the fee for the product or service.

Educational Institutions offering healthcare degree programs, or an entity whose primary mission is educating traveling healthcare professionals or providing them a networking community. Educational entities that sell lists of students or members to third parties are not eligible.

Traveling healthcare industry-related Associations or other entities.  An entity who collects membership fees and sells advertising opportunities is eligible to exhibit, however, if it sells lists of the names of its members to any third parties, it will not considered an eligible exhibitor.

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