Facebook Communities For Travel Healthcare

Groups listed in this section are run by travelers or former travelers. To be added to this list, you must have an active group( at least 1 new post a week) and the group must be at least 6 months old. 

Traveler Groups at Large

Travel Nursing Newbies

This is a group started by Kay (Epi) Slane and sponsored by Highway Hypodermics for nurses who are wanting to jump into the big world of travel healthcare.

Travelers and Recruiters Unite

This group is to share information and ask questions amongst healthcare travelers and recruiters.

Scrub Squad 1978

This group is owned and ran by healthcare travelers and was formed with Travel Healthcare providers in mind. It's unique inclusion of Places to Visit on assignment makes it a different kind of group. It is also different as it is the only group (to my knowledge) that looks to raise money solely for charity, the Organization of Autism Research.

Wanderlust Travelers

This forum is to be a positive, encouraging, uplifting forum where nurses, allied health professionals and recruiters can have healthy discussions, where respect is the number one rule.

Empowered Healthcare Travelers

This group is for the bold, brave, inspiring healthcare workers who are deciding to travel and live a life on their terms. In here we encourage each other, grow together and lift each other up. No recruiters in this group. This is for travelers supporting travelers only. No promotions of any kind allowed.

Travel Life: Freedom In Scrubs

This group is designed for Traveling Healthcare Professionals. It is for people who are currently Travelers, and also for those who WANT to start a Healthcare Traveling Journey. There are ABSOLUTELY NO RECRUITERS or TRAVELING COMPANIES allowed in this group. We do not represent any company, this is just us sharing our own personal experiences and opinions.

New Medical Nomads

This Group is open to all medical travelers! Traveling Nurse, Travel Therapy, and Traveling Tech's!

wandering nurses log

Wandering Nurses

A group led by Wandering Nurses

RV Enthusiast Groups

Adventures in RV Travel Nursing

Welcome RV travel nurses and future RV travel nurses! We're hoping to create a resource page for travel nurses that use or want to use an RV to travel in.

Highway Hypodermics: RV Travelers

A place for traveling nurses and travelers in RVs come together to share stories and helpful hints.

Specialty & Niche Groups

Travel Therapy Therapists

This is group for past, current and future traveling therapists (Physical, Occupational, Speech, Respiratory) and other traveling healthcare professionals to connect, share experiences, provide insight and to support each other on our journey's. This group is inclusive to healthcare professionals. NO recruiters, account executives or industry representatives.

New Grad Travel Therapy

Aa private forum to discuss travel therapy as it pertains to new grads specifically.

Healthcare Travelers on FIRE

This group was created to help unite traveling healthcare professionals who are working toward financial independence, or FIRE (Financial Independence - Retire Early). Whether you are currently a traveler or considering pursuing travel healthcare, and you are interested in achieving financial independence or learning more about financial independence, this group is for you.

Fit Travel Life

Supporting fitness, health, and wellness while traveling.

Highway Hypodermics: Homeschool RN Travel Nurses

Community for parents who homeschool children while traveling.

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