The Travelers Conference is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  From the beginning we have been ‘For, About, and By Travelers’. To be transparent for our fellow travelers, we have made available the budget summary from our 2015 conference.

Planning an event like this is like planning a wedding or party. At the start, we were shocked when we saw the menus but have realized this is how the hotels make their money. We decided to design an event that is as affordable as possible for the travelers who are paying for their own expenses.

At the Travelers Conference, the conference ticket price is only a fraction of what it actually costs for an attendee. Unlike other major conferences that charge attendees $500+ per ticket, we have passed the majority of the costs on to the sponsoring agencies who are generous enough to exhibit. Without their support, there would be no food, no parties, no speakers…. no conference!  Here’s a breakdown of our budget from the 2015 conference.



TravCon’s pie-chart budget