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TravCon loves education and content for travelers! Here are some resources for travelers by travelers (or former travelers).

If you would like to be added to this list, please email your website to our hub editor  Subject line: “Please Add To Hub”. Please include a description of your website in the email. All sites must be live for at least 6 months and remain current (minimum of 1 new post over 3 months) to remain listed on this site. Please, no blogs from recruitment agencies. 

Blue Pipes

Blue Pipes Blog

BluePipes is a professional networking platform for the travel healthcare industry. Former recruiter, Kyle, writes many of the blogs and addresses hard hitting topics. Topics include bill rates, contract negotiations, and understanding pay.

Debt Free PT

Physical therapy traveler, Emma, provides mentorship and resources for therapy travelers.

Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist

Join Jared and Whitney, a pair of traveling physical therapists, on their fifth wheel travel therapy journey. They blog about traveling with a fifth wheel, financial independence, and their travels abroad.

Fit Travel Life

Fit Travel Life is a fitness community and website run by traveling nurse Alex McCoy. This resource is designed to help travelers build routines and standards that translate between assignments and allow them to thrive.

Highway Hypodermics

Since 2003, it has been the mission of Highway Hypodermics® to provide quality and up to date information to travel nurses around the world, and provide them with the roadmap to discover and live the adventure of a lifetime.


Hobo Health aims to help therapists and students become traveling physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

New Grad Travel Therapy

Created for new therapy travelers by a tenured physical therapy traveler that began as a new grad.

Joy In The Journey

This site is where travel nurse Colleen shares her passion and adventures as a traveler. She provides some helpful hints from my experience as a travel nurse.

New Medical Nomads

A podcast for healthcare travelers run by traveling PT, Dylan.


The place where healthcare travelers transform into bold empowered travelers. Get paid what you are worth and go live your dream!

PanTravelers Association


Professional association of travel nurses

PT Adventures

Follow the adventures of married PT travelers, Stephen and Ellen, their daughter Kinley, and their 2 dogs!

Hall family photo

Road Trippin Halls

This You-Tube channel covers the RV lifestyle with kids as a traveling medical professional, (sonographer) an Air Force Veteran (the husband) and our dog! They do our best to encompass the MANY different aspects of this lifestyle with both "How To" videos from both the natural living aspect and the mechanical aspects, as well as personal growth videos that include our children and their experiences as they homeschool and grow up in motion!

Sarah Gaines: The Traveling Nurse

Sarah Gaines, traveling nurse, is a mentor and nurse educator.

Scrub Squad 1978

At Scrub Squad 1978, we provide valuable information on healthcare traveling, places to visit on the road, fitness ideas, and much more, all while raising money for the Organization of Autism Research.

Scrubs In A Suitcase

The adventures of a travel nurse!


Travel Tax

With over 20 years experience, Travel Tax's specialty practice includes mobile professionals in healthcare, IT, engineering, nuclear, Canadian, international, foreign missionaries, and more.

The Traveling Traveler

Resources, inspiration, and community for healthcare travelers. Founded by a Speech-Language Pathology traveler.

Travel Life: Freedom In Scrubs

Trainings, support, inspiration, and community for travelers! Run by a married traveling radiology couple.

Wanderlust PT's

At Wanderlust PT, you get access to insider information, how-tos, travel therapy mentorship, and answers to ALL your burning traveling PT questions.

whispers of the wando

Whispers of the Wando

Katie Fitts is aravel nurse by day, travel blogger by choice. Chaser of adventure and love! Native to Charleston, SC but has travelled extensively over the US and internationally. Passion for people, culture, and nature’s beauty.

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