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Are you interested in writing about healthcare traveling and having it published online?  Now you can!
TravCon’s Hub is the epicenter for articles written for, about, and by healthcare travelers. 

We are bringing together all of the resources, online communities, and websites developed by travelers into one central place,
so you don’t have to look far. We are also posting articles written by those without websites or places to publish them, so send in your articles to us! 

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All of your resources in one central place

TravCon: For, About, and By Healthcare Travelers!

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Julia Kuhn

Write For TravCon!

TravCon Wants You To Share With Our Community! Are you a healthcare traveler with a story to tell? Do you want to reach an audience of other travelers? TravCon is happy to announce that we are publishing original content on our website. The TravCon Hub is dedicated to sharing travelers’ content, both original and from

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June Update

Hi everyone! We’re so thrilled you all will be joining us for our annual Travelers Conference in Las Vegas. Some of you have been to this event before, and for some of you it will be the first time. All of you will have a blast and get so much out of the event! Miscellaneous

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TravCon 2016 Registration Live

Registration is ready! Thank you so much for your patience, we are excited to announce that registration for 2016 is finally live! How fitting to be on Nurses Week? (we’re not exclusive by any means, we’re just happy many of our travelers are getting recognized this week) You can now register for the 2016 conference

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