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a picture of stress from nurse burn out
Advice & Insight

3 Tips For Preventing Nurse Burn Out

The report has been given. You’ve had your morning coffee. All of your patients have been rounded on. Everyone is safe. Medications administered. You’re off to a great start.  As you’re getting ready to leave for your lunch break, you receive a call that one of your patients will be going down for a procedure.

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a women looking at a laptop
Advice & Insight

A Travel OT’s Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Prevent Burnout in Any Setting

As travelers, we are a rare species of clinicians. Most of us might profess that, to some degree, we did so because we crave freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom from the woes of office drama, and most importantly, freedom to reclaim more of our time. Then, we committed to this lifestyle because we embraced the

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a snowman
Advice & Insight
Julia Kuhn

Holiday Tips for Travelers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Although as travelers, the holidays may bring some extra stress. While some of us may be home with our loved ones, others might be working far away from family. Some may have to work on holidays. If you find yourself on the road, here are some tips

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TravCon Hub Blog History

nurse blake with TravCon 2019 attendees

TravCon 2019 Recap!

TravCon 2019 is a wrap! Another TravCon is in the books and this one was better than ever! TravCon 2019 boasted over 1,400 attendees, two keynote speakers, and a newly introduced after-conference social hour on Monday. All week, travelers arrived in Vegas and participated in pre-party events such as golfing, hiking, and wine tasting. The

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What To Pack For TravCon

TravCon is upon us and you may be getting all of your last minute plans together. As you prepare, here are some suggestions on what to pack.  Extra Space For Swag! This is first on the list because it’s the thing that I hear most people complain about not having with them. The swag at

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a group of hikers at the base of a mountain trail

Healthy & Active Ideas For TravCon

TravCon is proud to call beautiful Las Vegas our home! Las Vegas is a city that is easy to access with plane routes entering from around the country, a multitude of hotels at many price points, and literally something for everybody. However, we often hear from travelers, “There’s nothing to do in Vegas except drink.”

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TravCon & NTI Unite!

The NTI Conference Meets TravCon TravCon made an appearance at the NTI Conference this year! The National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition is an annual conference that offers learning and celebration for high-acuity and critical care nurses.  The NTI Conference of 2019 was located in sunny Orlando. At the conference, TravCon was asked to

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a living room with a sofa and coffee table

7 Ways To Find Temporary Housing

Finding temporary housing can be a considerable challenge for travelers. As a traveling healthcare professional, you have two choices when it comes to finding housing on assignment:   1. You can have your company provide housing. This has its pros and cons. As a pro, it’s less work for you. Your company does all of

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