Scholarship Program

TravCon's Scholarship Program

TravCon grants up to ten $1000 scholarships to
Healthcare Travelers each year!

Who is it for?

2018 marked the beginning of the TravCon Scholarship Program that we hope to continue for many years. Many of our attendees are working hard to advance their education through Bachelor & Master programs, and we want to help. We know education is expensive, yet it can be the difference between landing a job/contract or not.

TravCon Scholarship

Each year, TravCon will offer up to ten $1000 grants to travelers
meeting the following requirements:

Be a Current Student

Current enrollment (in year of submission) in a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate in applicant’s healthcare field

Attend a TravCon

Attendance of at least one TravCon in the 3 years prior to submission (can include the current year)

Be a Recent Traveler

Completion of at least one travel assignment in the current year of submission

TravCon Origins

When TravCon began as a meet & greet with an educational side-component back in 2008, it was uncertain how far the project would go. The first 5 years were hard – the committee paid their own expenses and were barely scraping by. Slowly, with the help of many supporters that are still with us, we have become self sufficient enough to think beyond survival.

Our 3 Goals

TravCon has grown far more than we could have hoped for. Our goals have always been three fold: Educational, Professional & Social. Through these three pillars, we work to grow the professionalism & strength of the healthcare travel industry.

New Grad Travel at TravCon

How to Submit

Info that is to be included when you apply:

A short professional sketch

Include your prior pertinent education (graduated with ADN from NYU in 2009), time in your current professional role (Staff nurse in Chicago for 3 years), & time as a healthcare traveler (i.e. Healthcare Traveler for 4 years)

History of Attending TravCon

What year(s) you attended, and describe your experience for fellow travelers.

Most recent completed travel assignment

Include dates & employment agency

Professional Goal

What are you planning to achieve? For example: “I hope to complete my BSN in 18 months and continue traveling” or “settle in the Midwest.”

A Short Statement

Why you should be considered for this scholarship? There are no specific elements that must be included. Some possibilities are a statement about how you support healthcare travelers or the wider community (helpful posts on social media, community volunteerism, mission trips, online history of participation in traveler focused groups, TravCon booster or PanTravelers member/supporter), personal financial need, difficult or complicated social or family considerations that would be eased by receiving this grant.

A Brief Summary

How has traveling advanced your professional development? Help inspire others to take the courageous first steps toward a healthcare travel career.

Documents to Include:

Please provide proof of current enrollment and completion of most recent travel assignment (name of employer whom we can confirm with).

Deadlines & Announcements:

All applications are to be submitted through the link above or HERE by December 31st of each year. TravCon will announce the winners of the grants by January 31st of the following year. If there are more than 10 qualified submissions in one year, the TravCon committee will determine the winners based on the above merits.