The Conference for Healthcare Travelers:

For, About, and By Travelers

What is TravCon™?  (The Travelers Conference)

This the largest annual event that provides Traveling Healthcare Professionals the opportunity to network with other travelers and top industry insiders. You can earn CEU's for classes specific to the industry, find new friends in your field, and meet staffing agencies in a relaxed, low-pressure setting.

Who Attends TravCon™?

TravCon is attended by RN's, Allied Healthcare Professionals, NP's, PA's, and what we like to call "Dreamers" - those in the medical field who are exploring the idea of traveling for a living.  Some attendees bring their traveling partner or spouse as they are frequently part of the 'traveling team'. 


About Us

aboutThe 2017 Travelers Conference marks the 10th anniversary and continues to grow with the support of the travel community.  We have exciting new topics and speakers, along with many of our core sessions for those who haven't had the opportunity to attend them yet. Newbie Boot Camp is on Sunday before the conference, alongside our 6 hour Spanish Intensive class for medical providers.

Travelers Education Group (TEG) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that manages the Travelers Conference in conjunction with the PanTravelers Association.  It is the product of individual volunteers and the staff of several different businesses who sacrifice significant time to make the event a success.  



TEG Board Members:

Joseph Smith, TravelTax (former traveler)
Phil Light, PanTraveler Assoc (current traveler)
Kay Slane, Highway Hypodermics (current traveler)
Cynthia Kinnas, Independent Consultant
Michelle Freitag, TGMF Consulting (former traveler)

Your TravCon Organizing Team:

travel_tax_smallJoseph & Daina Smith - TravelTax
Office Support, Bookkeepers, TravelTax Gurus
Brenda Berg of TravelTax - Exhibitor Management

pan_travel_smallPhil Light - Pan Travelers Association
Speaker Management & Educational Content
Current Traveler (RN)

highwayHypo_smallKay Slane (Epstein LaRue) - Highway Hypodermics:
Promotions and Advertising
Current Traveler (RN)

tgmf_smallMichelle Freitag & Thomas Gilhooly - TGMF Consulting
Event Co-ordinator, Website Design & Management
Former Traveler (RN) & Traveling Spouse

cynthialogoCynthia Kinnas - Independent Consultant
Former President of NATHO and former President of Randstad Healthcare
Exhibitor liaison

NomadicareGlobeLaura Latimer -
Allied Health Consultant
Current Traveler (OT)

TravCon History


Candy Treft - aka The Gypsy Nurse - has compiled and written a nice history of the first five years of The Travelers Conference which can be found on her website. She has graciously allowed us to reproduce some of her content here. Updates from year 6 to present are written by the TravCon team.

Year 1 (September 13th - 14th, 2008):

The original organizing committee was comprised of 4 volunteers from the Delphi Travel Nurses and Therapist Forum. The 1st Annual Travelers Conference was held at the Alexis Resort in Las Vegas. Phil Light and Michelle Freitag were recruited just weeks prior to the first conference as the roster of committee members altered and changed for a variety of reasons. Both Phil and Michelle played a major role helping out and speaking at the conference. Joseph Smith, Phil and Kay Slane (Highway Hypodermics) were there and provided presentations on a variety of travel topics.

Year 2 (September 21st - 22nd, 2009):

The date for the Conference was changed to follow the Healthcare Staffing Summit in order to present a report from the Summit to Travelers Conference attendees. Despite the best of plans, the 2009 conference was a near disaster. Remember the huge recession? It took its toll on the conference. With poor attendance predictions, the large conference was cancelled.  The 2009 conference ended up being a much smaller "meet and greet" type event held in a small conference suite at the Embassy Suites Convention Center. The Conference came very close to being cancelled altogether - it was rescued by Joseph and Daina of Travel Tax, who paid for the meeting room out of their own pockets. Despite the modest venue and turnout, ACLS and CPR recertification classes were provided - sponsored by Westways Staffing - and CEU classes were presented by Scott Lamprecht, PhD. Rebecca and Wes Herdlein from were introduced to the group by Joseph.

Year 3 (September 27th & 28th, 2010):

With the economy still deep in a recession, both sponsors and attendees were scarce. Another small Meet & Greet held again at the Embassy Suites Convention Center (thanks again to Joseph and Daina Smith) in Las Vegas. Attendance remained low - about 20 travelers again. CEU's were again provided by Scott Lamprecht. Perseverance prevailed and the group continued to meet.

Year 4 (September 26th & 27th, 2011):

With the economy and the industry on the rebound, a larger event was held - this year at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in a real convention hall. There were expert speakers and again CEU's were provided for the 75 travelers in attendance. The organizers this year were Rebecca, Wes, Michelle, Thomas and Phil. Again, Joseph and Daina Smith of Travel Tax provided their support and assistance. There were several memorable after-parties sponsored by TotalMed Staffing. The Conference was making a come-back. A-Train joined the conference this year to provide all attendees with CEU's from the variety of speakers. This was the beginning of another long-lasting relationship.

Year 5 (October 18th & 19th, 2012):

This year the conference truly felt like it was on track to success. Held at the Aria Resort, Las Vegas with almost 200 in attendance, the event gained new energy. This was just the right number to feel like a true professional conference. The organizational group remained the same as the past year with Rebecca and Wes taking the lead. This year we had a total of 16 Travel Staffing Agency Sponsors, CEU's provided and several guest speakers.

Year 6 (October 28th & 29th, 2013) - TravCon team update.

The 6th Annual Travelers Conference came together and exceeded our expectations. Over 300 attendees and 30 exhibitors turned our little meet-and-greet into an event far greater than we could hope for at the Flamingo Hotel. In addition to the awesome speakers and educational opportunities provided at the event, we also enjoyed after-hours events hosted by company sponsors and spontaneous activities organized ‘on the fly’ by groups of attendees. These ranged from intimate dinners with small groups to the infamous TotalMed After Party and multiple happy hours. Many of our attendees made long term business and personal connections that are a treasured part of our conference.

Year 7 (Sept 23 & 24, 2014) - TravCon team update:

We didn't think it could happen again but word of mouth was instrumental in bringing over 400 attendees to the 7th Annual Conference at the Flamingo Hotel. This year we had our first Key Note Speaker Dr. Zubin Damania who knocked our socks off. He was talented, humorous and on point, setting the tone of the conference with laughter and an upbeat message on the future possibilities of medicine. He was so inspirational that one of our attendees signed on with Zubin's TurnTable Health Team to help him with his new approach to providing wellness care for people. This was also our first year offering pre-conference classes for attendees new to traveling. Our Newbie Boot Camp was a big hit as it helped to lay the groundwork for those new to the field.

Year 8 (Sept 13th-15th, 2015)  TravCon team update:

This year was a huge success!  2015 saw TravCon at the Rio All Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, with our largest attendance to date. Registration closed the week prior to the event, with us sadly having to turn attendees away due to an overwhelming demand. Newbie Bootcamp on Sunday was increasingly popular with new travelers just getting their feet wet. While the information was a repeat for seasoned travelers, some still joined us for a refresher… and to help support and answer questions of the new travelers. With new speakers and topics every year, blended with the must-have tax talks from TravelTax, nobody went home without learning something. The Afterparty was at the Moonbar in the Palms Hotel - what an extraordinary venue!

Year 9 (Sept 25th-27th, 2016) TravCon team update:

This was a historic year, with another 50% increase in travelers! Over 900 travelers made the trek to Planet Hollywood and the illustrious Laura Gasparis joined us this year!  She was our keynote speaker and was a huge hit.  We debuted our new conference app that let attendees post pictures, posts and updates internally, and find out what everyone else was doing. Definitely a bonus everyone loved to have. The money machine had people reaching for the stars, and the massage booth was never slowed down. Huge plans are already underway for the 10th anniversary - stay tuned...