Newbie BootCamp - Sunday, Sept 25th 10:30am - 5pm

This day is for those just starting out in the travel field. We all remember what it was like going into our first assignment, having never done it before, and with next to no knowledge of what the concept of traveling entailed. Now that the Travelers Conference has grown so much that it can be overwhelming with all the information, exhibitors and activities; it can be hard to know where to start!

The BootCamp has been created to provide an overview of the Traveling Healthcare Professional field, and to prepare the new traveler or 'Dreamer' with the essential information to get them ready for the conference. This information will NOT be covered during the conference, it is intended to help bring those new to the field 'up to speed'.

Tentative Schedule: (Lunch is NOT provided)

1030-1130 Registration
1130-1145 Overview/Intro
1145-1240 The Traveler's Pre-Flight Checklist
1240-1300 Coffee Break
1300-1345 The Submittal Process
1345-1430 Contract Negotiation
1430-1450 Coffee Break
14:50-1535 Managing Conflict on Assignment
15:35-1700 TravelTax Fundamentals
1700-1715 Wrap-up/Frawings

1715-1900 Newbie BootCamp Reception


Medical Spanish Intensive - Sunday, Sept 25th 9:45am - 5pm

A 7 hour Spanish Intensive class geared towards medical personnel provided by an instructor that has been teaching Spanish for 25 years. The class includes a workbook which you take home with you. Lunch is not provided - please bring your own or there will be time to grab a quick bite in the hotel during your lunch hour. This course has 6 hours of class time providing 6 CEU's which will be awarded at the end of the day.

Cost of the class is $160 with a discount of 10% on registrations with 4 or more people. A minimum of 10 registrants are required for the class or it will be cancelled (very unlikely) so be sure to sign up soon! Notifications will be made 30 days prior to class if it needs to be cancelled and full refunds will be given.

Registration and payment for this class is through Tracey Long. Contact Tracey for any questions on this course or custom scheduling inquiries:

Phone: (702) 301-9560


Recruiter Training - Sept 25th

See daily schedule from blue link at top of page.