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2018 marks the first year that TravCon is providing their own Continuing Education /Continuing Education Units (CE/CEUs). CE Certificates are available for all healthcare providers attending the Travelers Conference (TravCon) each day. Partial credit of a day will not be awarded CEs.

To be eligible to print your CE/CEU Certificate online for 2018’s conference you’re required to:

  • Have scanned your badge at the beginning of EACH DAY of the conference in order to be considered present
  • Attended the course/conference in full
  • Submit an online evaluation (through this page)

Login Instructions:


Username: First & last name no spaces (ie: Roger Federer would be rogerfederer)
Password: Your Registration Reference Number (emailed to you by CMA Planners just prior to the conference, & printed on the your badge)

If you did not scan in both days at the conference, your information will not have been uploaded to our system. Please contact our CE Administrator if your login credentials produce a ‘not found’ message. If you can’t find your reference number (see below), you can reset your password with the ‘forgot password’ link.

Nursing (ANCC), Physical Therapy (FSBPT), Clinical Lab Techs (PACE) & RRTs (AARC):

All attendees who scanned their badges both days (and/or at Newbie BootCamp) have been uploaded into this system as your attendance is now confirmed. You’ll be able to retrieve your certificate immediately after completing the conference evaluation.

Occupational Therapy (AOTA), Radiology Techs (ASRT) & Sonographers (SDMS):

OTs (AOTA), Rad Techs (ASRT) & Sonographers have individual sessions approved. We’ll have to process your certificates manually once you’ve completed the individual course & conference evaluations.

Other Healthcare Professions:

For professions not included in the above groups (such as our beloved SLPs). you have been assigned to a separate category that will provide you with a certificate of attendance for the hours of the conference once you have completed the evaluation.  You can submit this to the licensing body of your choice based on their requirements.



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