Pre-Conference Sessions

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Newbie BootCamp - $59
Sunday, Sept 8th
10:00am - 5:00pm

For those attendees who have yet to start their first assignment or are still very new to it (less than a year), we recommend Newbie BootCamp on Sunday which provides the fundamentals for those new to this unique career.  Whether you have been working in your position for 5 or 25 years, healthcare travelers have an additional set of challenges unrelated to their clinical skills. Newbie BootCamp sessions provide the basic understanding of traveling as a healthcare professional – what it takes, what’s involved and how to get started. This information is not repeated during the main conference – it provides the framework of information necessary to fully understand the main conference sessions.

Sessions: (Subject to change for 2019)

1) Essentials to Getting Started in Healthcare Traveling, and tips on maximizing your TravCon experience

2) Submitting Your Profile - Where Does it Go and Who is Involved?

3) Finding the Right Company: Learn How to narrow down the choices based on your needs

4) Contract Negotiation: What is negotiable and what is not. How where to start and how to proceed.

5) The Credentialing Process: What needs to be included in your submission, and how to organize it

6) Tax Basics for Travelers: Overview of the important concepts that bring you up to speed for the in-depth tax sessions provided in the main conference

Medical Spanish Intensive - $89
Sunday, Sept 8th
10:00am - 5:00pm


Health care professionals who can speak conversational and basic Spanish phrases to Spanish–speaking patients can improve patient satisfaction, decrease communication errors and potentially avoid medical errors. Learn the basics you've always wanted to know to get you through your shifts. This is a 6 hour intensive that gives you lots of time to practice so you can walk out ready to 'Habla'!

Lecture 1: Introduction to Spanish, making introductions, the alphabet, cognates, parts of speech, how to learn a foreign language and cultural competence principles.

Lecture 2: Vocabulary for time, numbers, gender of nouns, and asking admitting questions.

Lecture 3: Introduction to verbs, parts of the body and general health assessment questions

Lecture 4: Vocabulary for calendar, occupations, and body systems assessment.

Lecture 5: Vocabulary for meals, possessives and useful irregular verbs.

Lecture 6: Vocabulary for insurance questions, background information, diagnostic tests and mock scenarios putting it all together.