Presentations for TravCon 2018 are being finalized and updated continuously.

Here's what we have so far (listed alphabetically):


"A Funny Thing Happened on my Way Through the Jungle": Jeff Solheim, MSN, RN-BC, CEN, CFRN, FAEN
Jeff Solheim has been Executive Director of a not-for-profit medical organization for 20 years allowing him to travel with medical teams to some of the most desolate areas of the world. In this very visual and emotional presentation, Jeff takes participants on a trip around the world, sharing life-lessons learned from nearly every corner of the earth. Entertaining, eye-opening and engaging, our Key Note presentation is not one to miss.
All Things Housing Panel: Michael Schlottman

Options for those who wish to find their own housing while on assignment. Get your questions answered for those who travel with pets or family, or those who just want resources on where to find the perfect landing pad for your next assignment.

Alternatives to Negotiating - Understanding Business Models: Panel Discussion

Travelers are not all the same, and neither are agencies. This expert panel will discuss the various business models used by staffing firms, and explain the differences so you can find one that best fits your needs and goals. Learn what details to ask and look for, in an agency that you want to work with.

Becoming a Sleuth to Detect Cognitive Difficulties: Robyn Otty, OTD, MEd

Executive functioning (EF) deficits can be difficult to detect. While individuals with EF issues may possess the physical capacity to take care of themselves, they often falter when given more complex activities that require multiple steps and exhibit limited or inefficient strategy use. Through this session, you will have the opportunity to present performance-based tasks to clients in order to further understand their cognitive deficits.

Bill Rate Breakdown: Melissa Knybel, BSN,RN

Where does all the money go?  Learn what every company must pay out of the bill rate before your receive your hard-earned dollars. Melissa helps you understand how your decisions can affect your paycheck, giving you more leverage in your negotiations.

CEO Panel on Trends & Projections of the Healthcare Industry

A panel of industry leaders present their take on the state of healthcare travel, recent trends that affect healthcare travelers, and their projections for the future. This is your opportunity to ask the movers and shakers of our industry the questions you have always wanted to ask.

The Fine Art of Success: Mastering New Assignments: Landon Graham James, RN, BSN, MA, CEN, PCP

Every traveler, at least occasionally, experiences some feelings of isolation and uncertainty about how to effectively integrate themselves into the full-time staff. Many adopt inappropriate or ineffective communication styles which limits acceptance from the staff. Learn some powerful techniques for mastering the art for being the new kid that everybody enjoys working with.

Creating Freedom - Your Own Training Center: Linnea Stonebraker, RN, PhD

Learn how to open an AHA Training Site to generate another income stream. It is neither expensive nor difficult to start one. Linnea founded National Institute for Healthcare Education, a national AHA Training Center in 2003 and is an ACLS, PALS, BLS, and NRP Instructor. She has a thriving business and is willing to share her secrets.

Destination Guam: Melanie Theriac RN & Joanie Reneer RN, BSN

Melanie and Joanie will present a first-hand report about healthcare in Guam, a territory of the United States in Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean. Guam is an increasingly popular destination for travelers, but with the culture and challenges of such a remote location, you'll want to hear about it from the destination experts Melanie & Joanie.

Disaster Staffing: Cathy Vollmer, RN, BSN, CSP
Every year disaster strikes in the form of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornados, etc. When disasters occur, a team of travel healthcare providers responds. Would you like to be one of them? This presentation will cover:
How Does Disaster Staffing Differ from Typical Travel or Contract Assignment?
What is the Scope of your Role during Disaster Staffing Assignments, including impact to your license relative to your eligibility?
Planning & Preparation
Communication Before and During Assignment
Rewarding Assignment – So much more than a paycheck!
How can YOU get involved?
EKG Interpretation: Tracey Long, RN, PhD, MS, MSN, CE, CNE, CHUC, CCRN

Need to brush up on ECG interpretation or add a new skill-set to your resume? Turns out those squiggly lines actually mean something! Tracey has a lot of titles following her name, but the one she is most proud of is RN. She is a master at delivering complex information in an easy to digest and entertaining style.

How to Ace the Interview: Kim Gipson RDMS/RVT & Erran Gipson RTR

A healthcare traveler can’t care for patients if they don’t get the job. Learn how to jump this hurdle with ease, and anticipate potential questions thrown at you. Kim & Erran are active allied travelers with invaluable tips that will help you ace your next interview.

Initiating & Maintaining Healthy Relationshiops while Traveling: Scott Martindale, LPC

A licensed professional counselor will outline challenges unique to healthcare travelers regarding personal relationships while traveling. Knowing you're not alone can make all the difference, and being able to share your experiences with those who understand your challenges.....priceless!

Intermediate Spanish for All Healthcare Travelers: Tracey Long, RN, PhD, MS, MSN, CE, CNE, CHUC, CCRN

This is a follow-up for those who took the Basic Spanish Intensive on Sunday and are looking to grow their Spanish-speaking skills a little more. Those who already have a basic level of Spanish are welcome to join for this 2-hour session that will work on your conversational Spanish skills.

Latest Changes in Contracts: Melissa Knybel, BSN,RN

The industry is constantly changing, but none more than with the new 2018 tax changes. Companies are adjusting and working to offer alternatives and options in their contracts. Learn what's new and changing in the world of traveler contracts.

Legal and Practical Aspects of Traveling with Firearms: Greg Luther, spouse extraordinaire

It's an individual decision to travel with firearms. This presentation will reveal the legal and practical aspects when traveling interstate with firearms. Don't get caught unaware - be prepared.

The Moment of Impact - Case Studies of Trauma & Mechanisms of Injury: Jeff Solheim, MSN, RN-BC, CEN, CFRN, FAEN

Analysis of video recordings of actual trauma events with a review of the mechanism of injury and discussion regarding the implications for healthcare workers treating patients with similar injuries. This presentation covers issues for not only RN's, but all specialties that care for trauma patients both acute and long-term.

Multi-State & International Taxes: Joseph Smith, RRT/EA/MTax

The most difficult part of your tax filings might not be the IRS, but all the states you journey through. See how states tax your income and use your tax data to validate your practice license.  Coming from another country to work temporarily in the US? There is a lot more to your filing than meets the eye.

Noah's Ark Gone Bad - Animal Bites: Jeff Solheim, MSN, RN-BC, CEN, CFRN, FAEN

This session covers bite wounds including dog bites, cat bites, farm animal bites, wild animal bites, rabies, human bites and tick-borne illnesses. Valuable information for both in-hospital, and out-of-hospital care.

Partnerships Beyond Pay - The Value of Your Relationship with an Agency: Shari Dalton, Founder & CEO

Monetary compensation is important, but it's not the only consideration when choosing an agency or assignment. When something goes wrong on an assignment (and it's bound to happen at some point), you want your agency and recruiter to be there for you. Learn what to look for in your relationships.

Pass the PBDS: Melissa Knybel RN, BSN

There are few subjects that have spawned more passionate discussions within the traveler community than the PBDS test. Just what is this test and why is it such a hot topic? And more importantly, how do I pass the darn thing? Melissa’s presentation will teach you just that. Take the stress out of your next PBDS test.

Personal Safety & Self Defense: Jeff Lee & Angel Wells

Violence is escalating in society, and it is increasingly recognized that caregivers in the healthcare setting are at risk. Jeff & Angel work to provide comprehensive solutions to individuals who are faced with the threat to physical property and individuals.  Learn some basic self-defense techniques from expert instructors that healthcare workers can use.

RV Housing for Healthcare Travelers - Dan Sees, RV Expert

Getting tired of packing and moving every 13 weeks? Many travelers have decided to NEVER PACK AGAIN. Traveling in an RV is not for everyone, but it’s a wonderful choice for some. If you’ve ever considered it, this presentation is a must. Dan is a true expert with approximately 20 years’ experience researching and maintaining RV’s, and 9 years supporting Nurse Traveler and wife Kim while living in a motorhome.

Stepping Up Your Bedside Manner - An Experiential Look at Emotional Intelligence: Gary Swyers

Emotional intelligence is just as important as mastery of your clinical skill set for success as a healthcare traveler. Learn how this critical factor sets top performers apart from the rest of the pack. Don't let yourself get burned out - master the skills to help you stay fresh and engaged for years to come.

Storming - Overcoming Conflict on Assignment: Earl Dalton, MHA, MSL, BSN, NEA-BC

Earl defines and develops the stages of team formation (forming, storming, norming etc.) and focuses on the emergence of the “Storming” phase and strategies and tactics we can use to minimize the damage of that stage. He will further develop the traits of how each generation handles conflict differently.

Tactical Financial Planning: Joseph Reinke, CEO

Kill off that student loan and start saving for your future. Joseph has hosted numerous live chats about student loans with SPTs across the country, presented at the California Student Conclave, appeared on podcasts, and written numerous financial blogs. He will present on basic financial literacy and present financial strategies for healthcare travelers.

Tax Homes: Joseph Smith, RRT/EA/MTax

Oh yes, the Tax Home never fails to be the most important, yet least understood concept for the Healthcare Traveler. Learn how to keep it (legally) and how it is different from a permanent address.

Tax Reform & Independent Contracting: Joseph Smith, RRT/EA/MTax

The new tax laws of 2018 brought with them sweeping changes that affect everyone, and particularly the healthcare traveler. Many of you are wondering if you should become your own independent contractor and take advantage of all the perks. Learn how the new tax reform affects your tax filings, and what the rules are around independent contracting in healthcare traveling.

Therapists Roundtable: Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP

This session is designed for physical, occupational and speech-language pathologists to learn more about the special considerations to travel as a therapist. Topics addressed will include experience needed, facilities types, caseload expectations and ethical considerations.

Understanding Per Diem Reimbursements: Joseph Smith, RRT/EA/MTax
What is the difference between a stipend and a per diem? Why are they called reimbursements? Important points to understand for traveling as a healthcare professional and avoiding raising red flags to the IRS.
When Your Contract Gets Cancelled: Kay Slane RN, BS

The industry average for healthcare travel contracts that end prematurely is 10%. If you travel long enough, odds are good that you will encounter a cancellation. Kay will explore what your options are if it happens, what to expect from your agency, and how to move forward quickly.

Why Didn't They Pick Me? Shaunna Nastasi

In this eye-opening presentation, learn what a facility will ask you, how they are assessing more than just your answers and what you should NEVER disclose to them.  Also, discover things you might be inadvertently doing that cause a facility to pass on you right away as well as tips and tricks for ensuring you come off as the most professional candidate for their needs.

Work & Negotiate with Two Difference Companies at Once: Laura Latimer, OT

A good, trusting relationship with your recruiter is crucial. Travelers often feel awkward and uncertain when negotiating with more than one recruiter working for different agencies. Laura will teach you how to gracefully negotiate with multiple recruiters to help find the best possible assignment, while maintaining trust and high ethical standards among all the participants.