Registration for TravCon 2019 will open in April

Thank you!


Attendee tickets are subsidized by exhibitors. To qualify as an attendee to the Travelers Conference, you must either be a healthcare professional, or a spouse/partner/travel companion of an attendee. Promoting any type of business on an attendee ticket is only allowed for those attendees who are also active healthcare travelers .

Attendee Registration Fees - subsidized by our wonderful exhibitors!

Registration TypeActual CostAttendee Cost
Mon/Tues Main Conference & AfterParty $467$249
Newbie BootCamp & Reception (Pre-Conference Sunday)$143$ 59
CEN Review Class$140$ 95
Medical Spanish Intensive (Pre-Conference Sunday)$131$ 89
Last chance to buy ticketsSept 6th

Spouses or traveling companions are welcome to attend - we understand they frequently play an integral role in the traveler's success. They are required to register at the attendee rate - the price is the same as it only covers a portion of the true cost of food and events.


Cancellation Policy:

We understand things happen and you may simply have to cancel your registration. As a non-profit organization, we want to be both fair and fiscally responsible. If you must cancel for any reason, we will refund your registration fee less an administrative fee based on how soon you notify us.

By July 31st, 2018 – no cancellation fee.
August 1st-August 22nd – cancellation fee is 25% of all event fees and additional classes.
After August 22nd – no refunds. We’ve already finalized the layout and paid for the catering – all based on the number of registrants. This includes additional classes & certifications.



PanTravelers Association: Contributing members are eligible for 20% off the cost of the main conference registration at anytime up until Sept 6th, 2018.


PanTravelers Discount Details:

The Traveler's Conference is hosted in conjunction with PanTravelers, and contributing members receive 20% off the cost of the main conference registration. Each PanTravelers member using a discount code must register individually. Membership must be current at the time of registration.

Procedure: Contributing Members must first log in to PanTravelers. Click on the Conference Discount button in the left hand menu and write down your discount coupon code. Enter this discount coupon code when you return here to complete your registration. This code is non-transferable and can't be shared. Current membership will be verified. If you've been putting off joining your non-profit professional association, today is a good day to do it!!